Apex Urgent Care   6111 N Fry Rd  Katy,TX77449   (832) 427-6015
Apex Urgent Care
6111 N Fry Rd
KatyTX 77449
 (832) 427-6015

Reviews Of Apex Urgent Care

4.94 493 Reviews
Jay B
May 22, 2017

I was in and out of Apex in 20 minutes, and didn't feel rushed at all. The process was just so smooth, I would definitely come back here when I'm feeling ill again/ recommend it to anyone who is. I pretty much knew my diagnosis because it was quite visible, but I needed confirmation and a doctor's prescription. My copay was $25, and my throat is already feeling better from the pain medication prescribed

Scott Mitch
Aug 16, 2018

First time visit was quick and professional. I was amazed!! Most of these places are craps shoot if they are a good experience or not, this one was amazing. I hope the 2nd visit (I hope there isn’t a 2nd visit) goes just as well!

Paul L
Aug 11, 2018

Very thorough and professional team. 100% satisfied with results/treatment.

Brad Lord
Aug 11, 2018

Got a piece of glass stuck in my foot. Dr. Adewale was able to quickly remove it with minimal pain. Love this place!!

Angel Sylvester
Aug 10, 2018

Hardly any wait. Very courteous and helpful staff. Would definitely come back!

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